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Boy Gone Blog Goes Product!

This Friday I will be launching the graphic t-shirt I designed with ARTC Creative (SURPRISE)! For Friday night only the shirt will be on sale at Arthur & Daughters. Starting Saturday it will be available online. Below I’m attaching a teaser image and the event invite. If you’re in York, PA on Friday please stop by to get your photo taken! Otherwise I’ll be posing the link on Saturday. ;D

"Too Chic"


Fun contest to win the shirt coming soon on IANstagram. Be sure to follow!


Today’s look!

At a photo shoot this morning for a product I’m launching in a few weeks. HASHTAG EXCITED!




Shirt: Ralph Lauren – Tank: H&M – Jeans: Levi’s – Sandals: made in Italy – Sunglasses: A.J. Morgan – Bracelets: various – Rings: various

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Human Billboarding

Did you catch my column at Racked Philly yesterday? If not here’s the link:

Graphic Tees That Won’t Turn You Into a Human Billboard 

I also really love the “Be Memorable” tee from RAGS & Thread. Suni Silvan shot this photo of me wearing it!



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Suni Silvan Shoot (behind-the-scenes)

IMG_1196 IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1215 IMG_1220 IMG_1232 IMG_1235 IMG_1239 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1256 IMG_1265 IMG_1273 IMG_1277

Suni‘s images to come soon!

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Photo Shoot Saturday

Yesterday I was in NYC styling/modeling at a photo shoot for Suni Silvan. There are tons of behind the scenes pictures, but here are a few teasers to start..









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A Day Styling in NYC

This past weekend I was invited by Skai Blue Show to assist with styling a photo shoot. I was familiar with most of the clothes and excited when I found out my friend Kristen was modeling! We were on a time crunch and had to style fast, but the images turned out well! Here are my behind the scenes shots..IMG_0702



Before the photographer was set up


Model Kristen Sokac – @KristenMagnolia


Make-up artist @MimiRizkalla changing Kristen’s lips






Another new lip color!


In action


Combining marina makaron moscow, Lobo Mau, and Cayetano Legacy Collection. Love this look!


High-waisted goddess


In action


A Lele dress and Lobo Mau necklace


Suni Silvan, the photographer, at work


My friend @BrandonGThomp was there to help!

Styling by myself, @IanMCrumm, and @MichelleConron!!

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Westland: Styling my first music video

Last weekend I had the privileged to work with the band Westland on their upcoming music video. They needed a cohesive look and I was brought onto the production team as stylist. Thankfully three great companies were willing to let me use clothing for the shoot. Last week I ran around to their various showrooms to grab looks. At my stop with 611 Lifestyle I was able to get some great flannels, dyed long sleeve tees, and a few slogan tees. Metro Mens Clothing had more “preppy” looks including this great Penguin brand jacket (fourth picture seen below). RAGs & Thread provided me with a handful of super soft crew and v-neck graphic tees that the boys of Westland loved! The day of the shoot while choosing outfit options, I snapped a few shots of the guys. The lighting was off so apologies for the quality. You’ll have to wait until the video releases to see what they actually ended up wearing!


Tee: 611 Lifestyle


Tee and flannel: 611 Lifestyle


Long and short sleeve tees: 611 Lifestyle


Tee: RAGs & Thread – Sweater: Original Penguin compliments of Metro Mens Clothing


Dyed tee: 611 Lifestyle – Jacket: vintage Versace


Tee: RAGs & Thread – Jacket: compliments of Metro Mens Clothing 


Shirt: 611 Lifestyle – Tie: Rooster


Tee: RAGs & Thread – Jacket: Andrew Marc – Sunglasses: Porsche Design – Scarf: vintage


A dark scene of what’s to come!


So happy to have my friend Meghan with me. She worked her hair and make-up skills.

Check out her beauty page, MCX Expert Hair and Make Up!

I’ll upload the video and official band shots once they are finished!

Cayetano Legacy Collection: New Spring Styles

Statement necklaces allow women to easily transform a simple outfit. Over the last few months I’ve enjoyed following Cayetano Legacy Collection because of their statement pieces. New spring styles were released and these are my favs!




Last weekend two of these necklaces were used for a Lobo Mau photo shoot. I can’t wait to share the images later this week!

If you go to CLC’s website make sure to enter code “CLCPHILLY” for 20% off! :]

I Can Get Real Artsy With This

Says my friend who took the picture. Thanks, Emmy!


Sweater: cashmere (missing label) – Shirt: Target – Jeans: Bullhead

Jacket: Wilsons Leather – Hat: Gap – Boots: Nocona

Oversized & Prada

IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0050 IMG_0060 IMG_0061

Shirt: Claiborne by John Bartlett – Jeans: Indigo Palms (now known as Tommy Bahama Denim)

Jacket: vintage – Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction – Sunglasses: Prada