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Behind-the-Scenes: Philly Current Magazine

A few weeks ago I was invite by Philly Current Magazine (remember they featured me in the last issue?) to check out a fashion photo shoot. The Outside Issue just came out yesterday and I was excited to see the final product! Below are some of my behind-the-scenes shots. The online version of is available HERE!Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine @IanMCrumm

Clothing by: Bettie Page Clothing

Photos: Lindsay Docherty Photography

Model: Laurel Rose Purdy

Makeup: Emily Aznavourian (Cheekadee Makeup Artists)

Hair: Danielle George (Crimson Hair Studio)

Looking forward to the Style Issue in September. wink wink hint hint. You’ll be hearing more about that soon! -IMC


Today’s look!




Shirt: RAGS & Thread – Jeans: Ben Sherman – Socks: Target – Shoes: Sperry

Today’s look!

Today I’m working on an event coming up in June. It involves t-shirts and my hometown. Here’s what I’m wearing..





Shirt: Banana Republic – Sweater: Banana Republic – Jeans: DKNY – Socks: H&M – Shoes: Calvin Klein – Collar clip: Asos – Necklace: at my friend’s store – Rings: various – Sunglasses: Vogue

Today’s look!

The sun is out and my shadow looks like a bird? Here’s my look..


Shirt: Banana Republic – Jeans: Gap – Sweater: Zara – Jacket: Character Hero – Socks: Banana Republic – Shoes: Cole Haan Sunglasses: Aldo – Rings: from my trip to Albuquerque

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Today’s look!

I’m shopping in Nob Hill and it’s sunny!
Here’s my look..





Tank top: H&M – Shorts: Lacoste – Sandals: Italian leather (bought at DSW) – Sunglasses: Cole Haan – Rings: various – Mask: made of leather

Today’s look!

Today I went researching for my next column on I.M. Crumm, Style Concierge. This week I’ll be covering men’s grooming for spring. Notice anything different about me? Find out on Wednesday! For now, here’s my look..


Shirt: What Comes Around Goes Around – Pants: Bullhead – Shoes: Thompson – Socks: Happy Socks – Grooming: find out this Wednesday on Racked Philly!


To celebrate “I.M. Crumm, Style Concierge” two of my friends treated me to dinner. Afterwards we went for a walk around Rittenhouse Park and chit chatted at Christie’s for a bit. Here’s my look..

Thanks for the photo, HughE!