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What I Wore: Eviama Opening

I recently went to the opening of Eviama Life Spa with my friend Priya.

Here’s a picture of us at the party! (ugh my shirt is twisted… but Pri looks so cute!)


Click our photo for more pictures by HughE Dillon!

And now for my Instagram 


“Florals for spring…groundbreaking” – Miranda Presley

Shirt: Blood Is The New Black – Shorts: Lacoste

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Behind-the-Scenes: Philly Current Magazine

A few weeks ago I was invite by Philly Current Magazine (remember they featured me in the last issue?) to check out a fashion photo shoot. The Outside Issue just came out yesterday and I was excited to see the final product! Below are some of my behind-the-scenes shots. The online version of is available HERE!Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine Philly Current Magazine @IanMCrumm

Clothing by: Bettie Page Clothing

Photos: Lindsay Docherty Photography

Model: Laurel Rose Purdy

Makeup: Emily Aznavourian (Cheekadee Makeup Artists)

Hair: Danielle George (Crimson Hair Studio)

Looking forward to the Style Issue in September. wink wink hint hint. You’ll be hearing more about that soon! -IMC

Shoe Week!

So it’s the first ever Shoe Week over at Racked.com! Yesterday my column posted CHECK IT OUT.

Here is another footwear option and a few of my SHOEstagrams..

Opal Crocodile-Embossed High-Top Sneakers @ GUESS


Why I love them: They’re dressy enough to wear out to a nice restaurant, but pack a punch with the embossed leather! Wear with dark jeans or slacks and a custom dress shirt. Maybe Indochino? If you’re daring, ADD PATTERNED SOCKS!




Racked Column

Keep your soul happy by buying soles! ;D


Fast Five with Denise Fike

Denise Fike, artist turned fashion illustrator extraordinaire, likes to station herself at social gatherings to sketch style setters and socialites. In a trip to her studio (SEE MORE IMAGES HERE), I learned about this caring wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Not wanting to disclosure too much information.. I mark down her Fast Five answers.

What’s going on now: Fike has spent a lot of time drawing larger than life fashion illustrations. Wanting to try something new, Fike has started designing jewelry! Thankfully I tried on her new rings and she snapped a picture (see below). Fike plans on developing her jewelry skills. Only DF knows what her next project entails; can’t wait to see!

Denise Fike by HugeE Dillon


Ian Michael Crumm: What did you have for breakfast?

Denise Fike: Four teeny-tiny scrumptious doughnuts that were left over from my studio party. Actually, it was seven doughnuts.

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?

DF: My husband’s

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

DF: Fresh popped, hot buttered popcorn, lots of salt, and Bookers Bourbon

IMC: Where were you last night?

DF: Sketching the ladies and gentleman of The Men’s Gardening Clubs Victory Dinner.

IMC: What do you wear to bed?

DF: Absolutely nothing!

Denise Fike's rings

Denise Fike Sketch



Today’s look!

Today I’m working on an event coming up in June. It involves t-shirts and my hometown. Here’s what I’m wearing..





Shirt: Banana Republic – Sweater: Banana Republic – Jeans: DKNY – Socks: H&M – Shoes: Calvin Klein – Collar clip: Asos – Necklace: at my friend’s store – Rings: various – Sunglasses: Vogue

Today’s look!

This morning I had an awesome opportunity. I was asked to be one of Philadelphia’s premier bloggers and model in a segment for King of Prussia Mall! CBS Philly aired the segment pretty early.. once I get the clip I’ll be sure to upload it! For now, here’s my look..


My Whole Outfit: Guess ( the brand – not as in guess who I’m wearing ;D )

You can follow the conversation by searching #SFN2013 on Twitter!

Today’s look!

Like I said last night on Instagram, today is a Versace kind of day! Here’s my look..




Shirt: Versace – Tank top: Top Man – Jeans: Ben Sherman – Socks: Calvin Klein – Shoes: Tommy Bahama Relax – Rings: from Albuquerque

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Today’s look!

The sun is out and my shadow looks like a bird? Here’s my look..


Shirt: Banana Republic – Jeans: Gap – Sweater: Zara – Jacket: Character Hero – Socks: Banana Republic – Shoes: Cole Haan Sunglasses: Aldo – Rings: from my trip to Albuquerque

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