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Fast Five with Denise Fike

Denise Fike, artist turned fashion illustrator extraordinaire, likes to station herself at social gatherings to sketch style setters and socialites. In a trip to her studio (SEE MORE IMAGES HERE), I learned about this caring wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Not wanting to disclosure too much information.. I mark down her Fast Five answers.

What’s going on now: Fike has spent a lot of time drawing larger than life fashion illustrations. Wanting to try something new, Fike has started designing jewelry! Thankfully I tried on her new rings and she snapped a picture (see below). Fike plans on developing her jewelry skills. Only DF knows what her next project entails; can’t wait to see!

Denise Fike by HugeE Dillon


Ian Michael Crumm: What did you have for breakfast?

Denise Fike: Four teeny-tiny scrumptious doughnuts that were left over from my studio party. Actually, it was seven doughnuts.

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?

DF: My husband’s

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

DF: Fresh popped, hot buttered popcorn, lots of salt, and Bookers Bourbon

IMC: Where were you last night?

DF: Sketching the ladies and gentleman of The Men’s Gardening Clubs Victory Dinner.

IMC: What do you wear to bed?

DF: Absolutely nothing!

Denise Fike's rings

Denise Fike Sketch




Fashion Meets Art at Denise Fike Designs

Denise Fike incorporates wallpaper into her fashion illustrations. Something I did not know until I saw her work up close during a studio visit. Fike has been experimenting with other mediums than her usual canvas. Metals form avant-garde rings fit for the most daring individual. Rumor has it Fike will be answering my Fast Five questions in the near future. Rumor also has it images of her rings will be surfacing soon (unless you saw on my Instagram already.. spoiler alert).

IMG_1062 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1071 IMG_1073 IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1077IMG_1082Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 8.20.57 PMAs for image of her rings surfacing (ok, like professional ones – not Instagram) You’ll have to check back. ;D

You can follow all of Denise Fike’s happening by ‘liking’ her Facebook page!

Fast Five with MAO Padilha

Mao Padilha, fashion PR superstar and owner of MAO Public Relations, agreed to answer my (quickly becoming) infamous “Fast Five” questions. Here’s a look at the man who helped build careers for designers like Peter Som, The Blonds, and Jason Wu!

What’s going on now: Mao is wrapping up from a successful fashion week where he had presentations from Erin Barr, Katya Leonovich, and more! He has been busy signing copies of his book “Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex, & Disco” which is rumored to soon be sold out! You might want to buy it HERE before it’s too late.


Runway lighting is the best – Photo via Facebook


IMC: What did you have for breakfast?

MP: Quaker Oats CHEWY DIPPS Cookies and Cream bar

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?

MP: Prada

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

MP: Going to glamorous parties and getting photographed to put on Facebook

IMC: Where were you last night?

MP: On a date with a cute guy eating sushi

IMC: What do you wear to bed?

MP: Only a black tank top


Surrounded by BLOND. Glamorous parties. Do I spy Phillipe Blond and Amanda Lepore? – Photo via Facebook

You can follow Mao’s work by ‘liking’ Mao Public Relations on Facebook

Also, here’s his Instagram. I enjoy looking at the party pictures and fashion flashbacks!


Fashion Meets Art at Inliquid

When I went to Inliquid the other week, I was captivated by the art involving fashion. There were some nice pieces up for sale and I would have been honored to walk away with any of these!










The last three images are my favorite. They are actually all apart of the same long picture. I snapped three sections of the wall art to better fit the camera lens. Which is your favorite? 

Denise Fike: A Quick Sketch

The other night when I was at the Gorgeous event at The Ritz Carlton I had to opportunity to meet up with artist Denise Fike. I’ve seen her work around the city and was excited to hear her sponsoring that event. Little did I know she was sketching people on the scene! Here is a look at my latest wall art.



Here is a Vine of my friend Priya getting her Denise Fike original!

Thanks, Denise!

Scarf meets painting.

I took my scarf and hanged it from a painting. A scarf collaboration between two friends.






 Lele Designs x Lobo Mau = Lele Mau