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Kaelen Fall 2013

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Fast Five with CHRISHABANA

Chris Habana, owner of his eponymous jewelry brand CHRISHABANA, designs jewelry not intended for your mother (unless she likes wearing spikes and body parts). Remember that ring I instagrammed during NYFW? Well now it’s spring, which means you can get it in stores or another piece on his web store.

What’s happening now: Habana is busy having his jewelry featured in publications like V MAgazine, i-D, ELLE, Dazed and Confused, Nylon, and The New York Times to name just a few. Fashion Week is approaching so a new collection must be in the works. I like keeping up with new designs on his Instagram. Maybe you will, too.

Chris Habana


Ian Michael Crumm: What did you have for breakfast?
Chris Habana: I don’t usually eat breakfast.

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?
CH: I wear the same shoes till they die. Seriously. I’ve been wearing these boots I got at a vintage store in East Village.

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
CH: Not guilty about it at all.. RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE!

IMC: Where were you last night?
CH: I met friends for burgers at a nearby bar.

IMC: What do you wear to bed?
CH: T-shirt and boxers usually.


From the S/S13 collection. LOVE. THIS. RING.

Sick necklace

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The Haas Brothers for Versace Home

Ok so I normally talk about clothing, but when I saw this furniture collection I had to write a post about it. Love, love, love all of the black leather and gold. If I had a penthouse in NYC, this is the furniture I would use!

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What are your thoughts? Would you use this furniture in your house? Check Versace out on Facebook!