Fast Five with Patricia Maristch

Patricia Maristch, owner and principal of Piqued PR, likes her thank you cards monogramed and her laptops hot pink. If not gaining media attention for her clients, Patricia can most likely be found sifting through clothing racks at her favorite stores (maybe Per Lei Boutique), buying monogrammed home goods (for that personal touch), or testing new beauty products (gimme that foundation – mother’s day is coming up!)

What’s happening now: Patricia has been working on a few projects with Per Lei including an upcoming fashion show, talking with interior design gods like “The Decorista” about Birdaria, planning Philly’s Local Levo #Ask4More event, and house hunting! She’s a big girl now! New business and soon new home!



Ian Michael Crumm: What did you have for breakfast?

Patricia Maristch: Strawberry Chobani yogurt. I generally always have some sort of yogurt for breakfast. Except for Saturdays, those are reserved for pancake indulgence.

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?

PM: Black Delman riding boots because the weather hasn’t broke yet, but I’m dying to wear my new white pointed cap toe Kate Spade pumps!

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

PM: Cupcakes, Swedish Fish, & old episodes of The OC. I mean Seth Cohen? Swoon.

IMC: Where were you last night?

PM: Riding a train back from NYC after “Leaning In.” I went up for Leno League’s Office Hour with Sheryl Sandberg.

IMC: What do you wear to bed?

PM: Leopard pj sets from Ralph Lauren.


Feel free to tweet her how much you enjoyed my Fast Five interview!

Here is Piqued PR’s Facebook so you can keep informed on all her fashion and beauty happenings!




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