This past weekend I attended a conference in New Mexico. On my flight home I decided to compile the Instagram pictures surrounding my Albuquerque trip!

I woke up on Wednesday and saw this in my feed from @CLC_Karen. I decided to post it myself. Get out there and do what you want to do! Don’t just talk about your dreams.. show people you want them!




My friend Melissa and I had a connection flight in Dallas. I had never been to Dallas and wished it was sunny instead of raining..




We got into Albuquerque around 10:30 pm and I was so happy to get some rest!

On Thursday I started out with this Throwback Thursday.


Melissa and I then went for a morning walk!


Then went shopping!


There was an opening reception Thursday night and afterwards Melissa and I went dancing with a few friends. After a few sessions on Friday, we went to Old Town with some of our new friends! I bought three rings that night.



The pinky ring is new. The other turquoise ring is Melissa’s and the last ring I already owned. I’ll post pictures of my other two new rings soon!


My friend Emily looking fab! Follow her on Twitter

After sessions on Saturday, we went shopping at a mall across from our hotel, went to a Mexican restaurant, and relaxed outside in the warm weather.


Posing for countless pictures while at dinner..with Emily and Matt!

On Sunday I gave a presentation with Melissa and our other friend Surina about an upcoming conference we’re planning.

Afterwards it was time to pose for not “goodbye” but “see you soon” pictures!


With Matt and unknowingly Sydney.. haha! She likes to photobomb.

Then it was time to fly home.. sad. Melissa and I had another connection in Dallas. I snapped a picture of my shoes. They had a lot of wear on my trip and I’m happy to be home to more show options!


I just realized I never Instagrammed a picture with my friend Becca… hashtag RUDE. So here go check her out on Twitter and I’ll go upload an Instagram with her now.

Happy Monday!


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