Daniella Kallmeyer Fall 2013

Here are my favorite looks from Daniella Kallmeyer‘s latest collection.

4.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 6.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 7.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 9.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 10.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 12.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 13.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 14.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 20.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 21.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 22.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200 23.jpg.r.nocrop.w1200.h1200

Images courtesy of Daniella Kallmeyer


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