Fast Five with Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver, co-owner of Decades and Bravo TV reality star, gives me his fast five responses just before “Dukes of Melrose” premiers tonight at 10:30 pm EST!

What’s happening now: Cameron is a very busy and very fabulous man. He will be on TV for a while in the new show “Dukes of Melrose.” His book “Decades: A Century of Fashion” is at a book store near you, which means you should go buy it. Or buy it online and have your copy signed by Cameron! With the rest of his time, Mr. Silver is most likely sitting front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or managing invites to glamorous parties.

Dukes of Melrose - Season 1


Ian Michael Crumm: What did you have for breakfast?

Cameron Silver: Black coffee

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?

CS: I’m barefoot, but often in Max Kibardin or Louis Leeman

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

CS: Pizza

IMC: Where were you last night?

CS: Stayed home

IMC: What do you wear to bed?

CS: 1920s era men’s silk shirt. Bottomless


Here’s another image for your viewing pleasure..

Dukes of Melrose - Season 1

You can buy his book HERE (I have a signed copy from his book signing at Joan Shepp)

You can follow Cameron on Twitter at @CameronDecades

You can also follow him on Facebook by liking his page

Here’s a shot of Cameron with his business partner and co-owner of Decades, Christos Garkinos!

Dukes of Melrose - Season 1

Don’t forget “Dukes of Melrose” premiers tonight (3/6/2013) on Bravo at 10:30 pm EST!



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