designer Erin Barr: Resurfaced memory

Back in September I was at the Erin Barr show. Images are resurfacing as designers market to their audiences. Here are some shots from the Erin Bar presentation..

45-316x475 55-316x475 65-316x475 75-316x475 85-316x475 95-316x475 105-316x475 117-316x475 118-316x475  135-316x475 145-316x475 155-316x475 164-316x475 174-316x475 184-316x475 193-316x475 203-316x475 214-316x475 215-316x475 314-316x475

And here is my Instagram from that day..

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.08.39 PM

I’m excited to go to NYC for more shows in February!


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